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wrenchTTSH rev.2 Release


only for REV."2"  (v7.1 on pcb top right corner)


Mainboard BOM


VCO Sub pcbs BOM




please add: 6x 100nF SMT c0g caps in size 805
mouser part 100nF 77-VJ0805Y104JXXPBC
10nF works fine too (its only a decoupling cap)

3x Timing cap 680pF needs a polypropylene, polystyrene or silva mica cap(7.5mm footprint)
mouser: 80-PHE450HK3680JR05

you can try the usage instead of SMT inductors/chokes this:;ARTICLE=86466;SEARCH=L-HBCC %20100
(add enough soldercore to the pcb pads, bent the leads and solder this to the pads)

notice: the usage of 1k87 tempco 3300ppm instead of 3500ppm works fine too.

DIFF from Version 1to version2    (first TTSH from early2014 to second from early 2015)





howto-pageTTSH Rev.2 known Issues

Minor Bug/improvement: use a BC337-16 instead 2N5172 in the noise section more Details here (you don't need further mods)

Major Bug

Description: the onboard DC-DC adapter (Murata) bleeds in the VCF (EMV - high frequency)

Solution: use a external 110/230V powersupply or a other powersupply with 15V/-15V outputs and connect it on the 3pole MTA156 header (dont assemble the onboard power section)

check the

graduation-capTTSH Rev.1 Hardcore builders guide

works for most parts too..


flashMod: 110V/230V Powersupply