STATUS finished

Released 11/2013 

the buildguide is only for rev.1 - check for TTSH rev.2 this PAGE rev3 here

last Modification Date: 20.June 2017 - Voltage processor TL071 instead of LM301

BOM from me: BOM TTSH modified rev.1


Schematic: TTSH-schematics.pdf (also avaiable on zthees webserver)

PCB reference designators: thx to

Muffwiggler Forum infos: (first page)


 wiring from PSU to the module headers are wrong "silkreen error"  +/-  must crossed - doublecheck before power up modules,

you find other issues in the second tab here

Please read Buildings tips and known Issues site to save time and money.

I have completed few TTSHs and can share my experiences here.

Dont solder switches, Pushbutton, faders and jacks prior finally assembly - the orientation is only correct by placing all jacks/faders together with the Frontpanel because the pcb bends a bit.

Result from Widy/DSL-man:

BOM failure - following parts arent listed
1x BC558b S&H  missing ( need 9 ..  BOM say 8)
1x 150K S&H missing ( not in building doc)
1x100p (missing part )
 bc337 for noise fix
parts left DSL-man/widy
1x 47K
2x 100N
optional parts from power input (hum modification)
optional parts from VCO bleed fix (caps)

BOM page own:

this modified BOM is for TTSH  rev.1  (sale from December 2013)

Here is the Original BOM from the great TTSH (Arp2600 clone)

Mouser cart

please add:

  • 1x Powerswitch 633-CWT12AAS1
  • 1x BC558 (in sum 9 )

some missing parts like Transistors, ICs, Reverb Spring, PSU, connectors, jacks and many more:


check the pcb for failures !


you have to mark the pcb with labels or sticker by using Mods/bugfixes. otherwise you have to desolder parts.

Starts soldering the VCO Boards:

Online building documentation failure:

for VCO pcbs in zthees building website shows 1x61k9  but needed on each pcb 2x 61k9 resistors


Start assembly Main PCB

Use standoffs/Spacers:

Add the Jumper close to the power section (left hand of ferrit beads)

Mounting VCO-1 pcb with long headers, but solder before 150K & 3m3

please read at first the known issue page - VCO2/VCO3 issue

( i use long headers instead of zthees preferred headers to have more space between subvco parts and mainpcb, zthees solution is better for troubleshooting, but you have to unmount the frontpanel due to cutting the cabletie)

PSU with DC-DC Voltage "regulator"

right picture shows the X-crossed ferrite bead to fix the -15/+15V  silkscreen error,

cross one Ferrite on top pcb side - the ferrite on other pcb site (not shown here)

VCO testing - wiring a +15v cable to resistor and probe ..

further: dont solder the needed jack complete - solder only a bit, because the frontpanel don´t fit with this position 100%


VCF picture - handle with care -  2n3904/06 - BC558 doublecheck the position near Tempco

further please read careful Jons building guide for VCF - there is a issue with matched pair 2N3906 - silkscreen error etc - check here




for testing: test with probe a VCO (need +15V cable see VCO testing above)

feed the VCO signal to the VCA and check the waveform with a oscilloscope.


Ringmod, Preamp, Envelope Follower


Don´t solder the pot, switch, jacks - the frontpanel dont match with the Partposition yet.


Noise, Voltage Processor


with the 2n5172 the noise is distorted and have a very high gain..

tested Rolution:

leave out the 2n5172 - use a bc337/16, - bend right leg to top, solder a 10K resistor in series to the 1uF cap.

Change in the voltage processor section the LM301 for a TL071 and dont assemble the 30pf capacitor. (its only one IC to be changed)

first Panel mounting test

S/H - Clock - Noise


Due to some issues from the clock LED driver - we bridge the 2n5172.

see here:


All Parts soldered, Panel mounted, need to solder the jacks.

Build tip:

if you want hear the sound of your TTSH before you have finished the headphone jack wiring,

you have to switch with a jumper the T/TN  or R/RN header, otherwise your Amplifier dont have a audiosignal.

Building Tip

place each row of faders on PCB and solder 2 pins, place the Panel in right way and mount all screws,-- solder the Faders complete.

remove the panel and plug all jacks in position, place the panel - mount all screws and few jacks with screws - turn the device, solder the jacks.

solder the LED at last.

Use on all sides spacers, for a faster panel un/mounting use spacers (with plastic/silicon washers) instead of screws and you can turn the panel on table without breaking some faders.

If  your NOISE leds and left Volume led dont work.., connect the 470r resistor near  amp/noise to the unlabeled solder hole (ground)

its a grounding issue by removing the 10R and cap in power section due to hum issue (described in next step)

HUM Issue:

by using of both amplifiers for integrated speakers i had massiv hum, by touching the panel the hum sound changes. (hum is only in speakers not in main out)

a workarround from zthee,  was tested by me - it helps.


short out the 10Ω resistor and the 100p capacitor in the PSU section. E.g. just make a small bridge between the pad close to 10Ω and 100p as in the attached picture.

use RG174 cables or shielded microphone cable for offboard wiring.

for testing ..

Planned Case: