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most important direct links:

TTSH Release rev.1

TTSH Release rev.2

TTSH Release rev.3

TTSH Release rev.4


TTSH Rare Partkit, Survival Kit

TTSH release plan (rev.1 released 11/2013, rev.2 10/2014, rev.3 →  pcb version is different  rev.1 = 6.x rev.2 = 7.2, rev.3 = 8.x)

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TTSH rev.1

rev.1 (6.x) first release

rev.2 (pcb 7.2) 2 sales

rev.3 Release until sold out..

rev4. sale by synthcube running


  1. Do you plan to launch a new batch of kit ?

    Thank you


    1. yes, please wait.

      we offer a new ARP2600 inspired synth with the dimension of the TTSH in 2019 

  2. Do you already know an exact date or month, when you release the new TTSH this year?

  3. Came here as a result of trying to build my TTSH REV3, looking for REV3 procedures/build instructions. The only things I find on the web are older versions. REV 3 is different.
    Found a rev3 link here and a link for mods, I have 3, gate boosters, VCO sync PCB, and something called a Shapers PCB which I haven't researched yet to see what it even is.
    I clicked each link for rev3 on here and even though I signed up to this site to be here, I get messages saying to request access, ok, so I click request access, nothing.. no email, nothing at all.
    Now I am a tech and I can probably muddle thru the parts that are completely different in this version, but its not a cheap item or project and it sure would have been nice to have to correct instructions, BOM etc...
    There is no info anywhere I've searched on the power supply board for REV3, looks like it used to be part of the mainboard, but not mine, its a separate PCB.
    And yes, I have already looked at the Human Comparator site, their info says rev3 but isn't. SynthCube was a waste of time too.
    Looks like an awesome product with awful support. Mine may end up on eBay if this frustration continues.

    1. Maybe just give Patrick a chance to see your request for access. Plus these guys aren't responsible for providing documentation for the TTSH, its purely voluntary. Build guide on THC is not the best but you can definitely make a start. Plus the PCBs silkscreens have the components on them and there is also the facebook forum which is an awesome community there to help you along the way with any troubleshooting you need, we are a friendly helpful and passive bunch, away put your weapons we mean you no harm.

  4. Sorry guys, I guess the frustration was getting to me, I was thinking the verification email was automatic when its actually a live human (Thanks Patrick) (smile)
    I received the email this morning. Thanks for the helpful info Dave. I am excited to build the TTSH, especially with the 4012 filter. Once its done, adjusted, calibrated and testing, Ill build and add the sync boards, shapers board and gate booster with Midimplentar. After that, I plan to swap out certain LED's on the slide pots to different colors to basically match up with the slider color scheme ARP used on both of my Odyssey's (I have a 2800 MK-1 and a 2813 MK-2). Last night I did manage to complete the PSU board, and all 3 OSC boards + started on the 4012 board. The PSU board threw me for a loop though as the kist came with SMD chokes for it, but the PSU board appears to be designed and drilled for thru hole radial chokes.
    Does anyone have the correct part number for the correct chokes for the REV3 PSU board?
    Anyway, thanks for adding me everyone.  -Ron

  5. RLB0914-101KL 

    Plus the mouser BOM is available in the Rev3 thread if you need more info.

  6. There are two smd caps on the back of each osc board. Usually missed by most.

  7. hi, i'm intrested in building a ttsh v4 do you sell pcb&panel?

    1. Only offer it