You find here some DIY Module Projects in 5U Format  (check the Eurorack Space for 3U Modules)

i built hundreds of MOTM/5U Modules in last years .. here are all build infos.

NEWS: (update 16.July 2018)

STP4012 VCF ready for public STP4012 MOTM

VDD 3007 ready for public  VDD 3007 active Splitter & buffered Multiple

Subpages: ( alphabetic sorted)

AMSynths 8121 VCF in MOTM

AMSynths AM8125 VCO in MOTM

Arp 2612 Filter in MOTM

Arp 4023 AM4023

Blacet Miniwave in 5U

Buchla Lopass Gate 292c

cgs114 Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator

cgs202 Serge Resonant Equalizer

cgs22 Master Divider in MOTM

cgs75 Serge VCS in MOTM

cgs77 Serge VCF in MOTM

CP3 Mixer - Quad CP3 Mixer in MOTM

Curetronics Digi eins - Clock Divider

Curetronic VCO


Eurorack Klee Sequencer

FC CEMvelope MU Format

Fonik CV Ringmodulator

Frequency Central System X Lowpas VCF

Frequency Central Trans Europa in MOTM

Hexinverter Mutant Bassdrum Hihats MOTM Panel

Horstronic Buffered Multiple

Ian Fritz Double Deka

Juergen Haible Krautrockphaser in MOTM

Juergen Haible Living VCOs in MOTM

Juergen Haible Resonator

Juergen Haible Tau Pipe Phaser

Juergen Haible Trapezoid VCA

Juergen Haible Triple Chorus in MOTM

Juergen Haible Triple Chorus in MU Format

Juergen Haible Variable Slope Filter / Phaser

Kleesequencer in 5U

Mfos ADSR old version

Mfos Sequencer 16Step

MFOS Volt per Ocatve Calibrator

MOTM 101

MOTM 110

MOTM 120


MOTM 420 Filter

MOTM 440

MOTM 480


MOTM 490

MOTM 5U Power input panel


MOTM 830 Mixer

Mutable Instruments Braids in MOTM

Mutable Plaits in 5U MJK

nordcore MIDI CV Interface

Oakley Croglin VCF

Oakley Deep Equinox

Oakley Discontinuity

Oakley Flanger

Oakley fourmix

Oakley HVM

Oakley Noise with Filter

Oakley Overdrive 2

Oakley Quad VCA

Oakley Ringmod 4014

Oakley S/H Slew

Oakleysound Discrete Ladder Filter

Oakley Triple LFO


Oakley VCO

Oakley VCO Controller

Oberheim SEM VCF in MOTM

Papareil Quad VCA

PT-Audio Dual DCO

Roland Juno 60 Chorus

Roland System 700 Clone


Tellun 156 in MU

Tellun TLN-712 Doomsday

Thomas Henry Mega Percussive Synth MPS

TR-606 in MU and MOTM Format

Triple LPG in MU Format

VDD 3007 active Splitter & buffered Multiple

Wogglebug in MOTM Format

Yusynth ARP 4072

Yusynth Minimoog Filter


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